Our Team

The Board of Berliner Börsenkreis e.V. is responsible for strategic orientation of the association, daily operations and representation outside and inside our organization. At the beginning of the year; the board is elected by members at the general meeting for the period of one year. Board members can decide, which area they would like to be responsible for.




The Board

Finn Kordon

Board Chairman

Humboldt University Berlin


  • Coordination of single board’s responsibility areas
  • Orientation of the association’s strategy
  • Contact person in relations with the umbrella organization and alumni

Tony Gottschalg

Vice Chairman

Berlin School of Economics and Law


  • Representation of the chairman in case of absence
  • Support for creation of the association's strategy
  • Organization and coordination of internal projects

Torben Burdorf

Finance Director

University of Applied Science


  • Supervision and documentation of the association's budget
  • Budgeting of activities for the whole year as well as single projects 
  • Optimization of cost structures in the organization

Moritz Günther

Events Director

University of Applied Sciences


  • Planning of the events calendar 
  • Organization of internal events and trips
  • Development of concepts identifying suitable positioning of the association

Jonas Hüther

Relationship Management Director

Business School of Economics and Law


  • Establishment and development of partnerships
  • Building and taking care of contacts with sponsors
  • Management of the relations team within the board

Maxim Karliner

International Relations Director

Freie Universität Berlin


  • Establishing of relations with foreign partners, companies and associations
  • Organization of events in English
  • Project-oriented cooperation with the Events and Relationship Management Directors

Daria Ivancha

Finance Associate

Humboldt University Berlin


  • Administration of the membership database
  • Payment control
  • Assistance of the Finance Director

Aaron Burgemeister

Finance Associate

University of Applied Science Berlin


  • Support of the Finance Director
  • Building and maintaining the project schedule for BFD
  • Assistance in the HTW Berlin campus team

Angus Ebert

Legal Associate

Humboldt University Berlin


  • Association wide counseling in law related matters
  • revision of intern processes
  • Supporting of the association executives

Nico Schwalbe

Relationship Management Associate

Berlin School for Economics and Law


  • Setting up new partnerships with companies in financial sector
  • Constant care of relationships with our cooperation partners
  • Assistance in organization and creation of association's projects

Erin Sprünken

Events Associate

Humboldt University Berlin


  • Assistance in achieving the education mandate
  • Development of new Concepts for Events
  • Assistance of the events director